How To Cope With Blocked Ears During Lockdown

It can be quite frustrating when one is experiencing blockage in their ears. Majority of the time, this is due to accumulated earwax that gets built up inside the ear canal. This is a common problem. Some of the symptoms of blocked ears include dizziness, hearing loss, itchiness, high-pitched tones...


Earcare for kids

At some point all parents start to think about earcare of their children. The problem of cleaning kids' ears is confusing as to how to do so effectively and, most importantly, safely. Many believe that the child's ear is the same as an adult´s and can be cleaned with a normal cotton swab, bu...


Everything you need to know about the auditory system

The auditory system is relatively simple compared to other senses; This is because the process by which sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses has a linear character. The sound is transmitted from the ear to the auditory nerve, and from it to the brain, by a chain of internal structu...


Three Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Ear wax Alone

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is made up of dark colored waxy-like substance that is secreted inside a human’s ear canal, including other mammals as well. Its job is to help with lubrication and cleaning, protect the ear canal’s skin, and provide protection against water, fungi, and bac...


Ear conditions in winter: how can I prevent the most common?

Winter arrives and the cold settles in our lives. Low temperatures, inclement weather, confined spaces and extreme temperature changes can affect the health of our ears. In addition, at this time of year, our defenses are lower and we are more vulnerable to infections, and it is very common for th...


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