Irrigation Earwax Removal: why irrigation? Is it safe?

Ear Wax
Irrigation Earwax Removal: why irrigation? Is it safe?

It is crucial to maintain ear hygiene if you do not want to incur ear infections or suffer from hearing problems. One method of getting rid of ear wax is ear irrigation. It is a routine procedure that is used for the removal of excess earwax. It can also be used for removing foreign materials from the ear.

Wax is naturally secreted by ears for protection and lubrication. This wax also prevents the growth of bacteria while keeping debris out. The body is usually able to keep the amount of wax in ears within normal limits. However, when there is a buildup of too much wax in the ear or if the wax hardens, the obstruction can occur, which leads to earaches, hearing loss, or ringing in ears.

The process of ear irrigation

Ear canal and eardrum are quite sensitive. The buildup of wax can be quite damaging to these structures, wherein your hearing can be impaired. Therefore, it is vital to remove excess earwax, and ear irrigation is one safe and effective way to do that.

Occasionally, foreign materials can also find their way into your ears. This could be anything from insects to food or even small stones. It is imperative that the items are removed quickly and safely as they move deep into the ear; they can damage the canal. Irrigation is an effective method of removing these foreign materials.

You can get irrigation earwax removal done by a doctor or even at your home via an irrigation kit. A bulb syringe is included in the kid. The method is quite effective as it washes your eardrum and ear canal thoroughly. A lot of people have also stated that they find the procedure quite relaxing. Let us provide you with some benefits of this procedure.

A safe option

It is a safe method of cleaning ears compared to syringing. There are no syringes involved and pressure of the water if carefully controlled at a low setting.

Quick removal

The process is quite quick. It would not take more than half an hour for one of the ears to get cleaned. Thus, you do not have to take out excessive time from your busy schedule to get the job done.

A thorough job

The method is quite effective. Your ears will be thoroughly washed, and you can be assured that no residue of wax will be left behind.

Risks involving irrigation earwax removal

Every technique of earwax removal comes with certain risks, and this is true for irrigation as well. There are some things that you need to be cautious about before the procedure.

For one thing, it is advisable to refrain from ear irrigation if your eardrums are damaged, or you have any condition that weakens your immune system. Ear irrigation is also not a good idea for those with an active infection in the ear canal. While it is true that the procedure is quite common, there are some risks you need to be aware of.

Ear infection

An ear infection is quite a common complication that can occur due to irrigation. In this case, the ear canal can get inflamed due to the infection making the condition quite painful. At times, inflammation of the middle ear can also occur due to the infection.

Perforation of eardrum

Irrigation can also result in perforated eardrums. Sometimes, irrigation can press against the wax as a result of which wax becomes more compacted. Its removal becomes harder in this case, and it exerts pressure on the eardrum, increasing the risk of perforation. Fluid can also become trapped in your ear canal, increasing the pressure and leading to rupture of the eardrum.

In some cases, one might experience vertigo temporarily wherein it feels as though the room is spinning around you.

Temporary and sometimes permanent deafness can also occur as a result of irrigation.

Final words

Earwax buildup can pave the way for a lot of problems if not dealt with on time. Your quality of life might suffer owing to it. Therefore, if you are unable to handle it yourself, make sure that you see your doctor at the earliest. An ear specialist can make things easier for you.

It is vital that you opt for a reliable place to get irrigation earwax removal done. This will ensure that the risk of complications is minimized. The place you select to get your ears cleaned needs to be hygienic and maintain high standards of quality. With a bit of research, you can ensure that you are in safe hands.


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