5 Reasons Why I Am Experiencing Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss
5 Reasons Why I Am Experiencing Hearing Loss

Your hearing may begin to deteriorate as you grow older. Many adults start experiencing hearing loss symptoms at the age of 30 and by the time they are 60 their hearing is severely impacted. Deafness is usually not linked with age and can affect a person at any point in life. There are several causes for hearing loss and some of them are reasons you might not have even considered.

Ear wax

Ear wax build up is natural and it is important for the protection of the ear, since it keeps the foreign particles from entering into the ear canal and protects the sensitive ear drum. However, once a lot of ear wax accumulates, it can harden and block the sound waves preventing them from being processed by the brain. So, but you should under no circumstance use a cotton bud to clean out your ear because it does the opposite of cleaning and pushes the ear wax deeper into the ear. The ear drum can get perforated by aggressive use of a bud.

Otitis Media

Otitis Media is an infection in the middle ear that results in muffled hearing and further damages the ear. This condition is also called ‘glue ear’ because thick fluid collects in the middle ear and blocks any sounds from transmitting into the inner ear. The density and consistency of the fluid causes hearing loss which varies in severity. Treatment is usually not required because the ear has a self-cleaning mechanism. however, one should consult a medical professional on how to alleviate the symptoms and prevent future infections.

Ear Infection

There are many types of ear infections that can cause the ear canal to swell and lead to hearing loss. Infections often accompany the common cold or flu. An inflamed ear canal results in swelling of the inner ear passage and leads to muffled hearing with some physical discomfort. The ear feels blocked up by the infection and it also affects the proper function of the middle ear. A regular course of antibiotics may be taken if the infection is severe.

Perforated Eardrum

The eardrum is prone to damage and may cause muffled hearing. Accumulation of earwax or loud noises can lead to trauma which affects the eardrum. Treatments for this could be as minimal as antibiotics or as serious as a surgery.

Unnatural Growth

Abnormal growths such as a tumor or tissue or fluids can build up in the ear and narrow the ear canal, thereby affecting the hearing. This hearing loss can only be treated by a removal of the growth along with a course of medicine prescribed by your doctor. If you are experiencing prolonged hearing loss then it is strongly recommended that you immediately schedule an appointment with an Audiologist or ENT specialist in your area.

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