Having your Ear Wax Removed Soon? Here’s How You Should Prepare for Your Appointment

Ear Wax
Having your Ear Wax Removed Soon? Here’s How You Should Prepare for Your Appointment

Ear wax is the accumulation of dead skin cells, hair, dust and other foreign materials. Cerumen is the wax produced naturally by the glands present in the ear. It acts as a protective layer in the ear canal and small amounts are produced from time to time. The ear wax then solidifies, hardens and falls out of the ear in the form of flakes.

Mass build-up of ear wax can plug the ear and become a nuisance. You can visit a medical professional to have your ears checked for ear wax build up. Accumulation of ear wax can lead to minor hearing loss which is why regular ear wax removal is recommended. People who need to get fitted for hearing aids also have to have ear wax removed for proper insertion of the device.

Why You Need a Professional Ear Wax Removal

There are many solutions and ear wax removal kits available at pharmacies that you can use to remove the ear wax at home. However, many patients are unsuccessful in making them work. Ear candles are also not very efficient as they often cannot reach the region of blockage. They often find relief only temporarily and then face the same problems of dulled hearing and swimmer’s ear. A proper ear wax removal procedure can help provide long-term relief and prevent the ear from become blocked again.

Before the Procedure

For the comfort and safety of the patient doctors recommend that they soften the ear wax before the procedure. It is difficult for a doctor to remove years and years of hardened ear wax. The micro-suction works best on softened ear wax and this can be easily done with a product you have sitting in your cupboard right now. All you need is a small quantity of olive oil to help prepare your ear for ear wax removal.  

How to Soften the Ear wax

To insert olive oil in your ear you will need the assistance of another person so ask a family member or friend for help.

  • First warm up a teaspoon over a pot of hot or boiling water for two minutes

  • After the spoon has warmed up, rub it dry with a tea towel

  • Pour a few drops of olive oil onto the warm teaspoon; the heat will make the olive oil more viscous

  • Ask the person who is helping you to pour the olive oil into your ear canal while you have your head titled to the side.

  • There is no need to inset cotton swabs inside the ear as it will absorb all the olive oil and defeat the purpose.

This process should be repeated twice a day for two to three days before the ear wax removal appointment for the best results.


It is important for suction of the ear wax that the process be carried out because the hardened cerumen is usually stuck to the walls and bends of the ear canal. The olive oil pulling can cause further blocking of the ear, but it can all be sucked out at the hearing clinic in a minimally painful procedure.

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