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• One ear £70
• Two ears £85

A quick, comfortable ear wax removal procedure in Chaddesden (Derby).

Experience a hassle-free earwax removal procedure at Revive Clinic, conveniently located in Chaddesden, Derby. Audiological Science has been delivering excellence since 2014, and our experienced Audiologists are your trusted partners in ear and hearing health.

Why choose Audiological Science - Ear Wax Removal in Derby?

Proven Expertise: Our Audiologists handle thousands of earwax removal cases yearly, ensuring your comfort and safety.

Easy Access: Just a 9-minute drive from Derby bus station, our clinic is easily reachable.

Comprehensive Services: From hearing consultations to microsuction ear wax removal, digital hearing aids, and evidence-based tinnitus treatments, we've got your needs covered.

Parking: You can park for free in the clinic's parking lot. Your convenience isour priority.

Call us today to organise a consultation at our Revive Clinic.

Understanding Ear wax: Excess earwax affects 1 in 15 people in the UK and can sometimes be mistaken for hearing problems. It's your body's natural defence system.

Your Trusted Choice: We are your go-to microsuction ear wax removal service in Chaddesden, Derby.

The Importance of Earwax: Earwax safeguards your ears from infections and foreign particles like dust and debris. For safe and effective microsuction earwax removal in Derby, trust our experts.

Benefits of Professional Removal: Symptoms like ear pain, itching, ringing, and hearing loss can be relieved. Avoid attempting removal at home, which can worsen the situation.

Your Reliable Ear Wax Removal Experts in Chaddesden (Derby).

For the well-being of your ears, choose professional ear wax removal.

Contact us today to book a consultation at Revive Clinic, Chaddesden (Derby).

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    To learn more about audiology and hearing loss, please visit the British Society of Audiology website.

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