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Quick and safe earwax removal by experienced ear care specialists available in our Wigan ear care clinic

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance which sometimes builds up and blocks the ears or becomes impacted and causes hearing loss, itching, discomfort and tinnitus. Microsuction is the preferred way to gently and safely remove earwax, as many GPs are reluctant to provide ear irrigation (more commonly known as ear syringing) because of the risks involved and possible discomfort caused. If you think a build-up of wax is causing you problems, then contact All Clear Hearing where you will be clinically assessed by a fully qualified, NHS trained, registered clinical ear practitioner.

We can show you inside your ear using a camera and advise you accordingly (no charge for just having a look)

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- £65 for microsuction of both ears

- £40 for one ear

Occasionally a second visit may be needed to remove all the wax, if it is impacted or very deep in the ear canal. A £20 charge is made under these circumstances, but this will be deducted from the amount payable when the wax is fully cleared on a subsequent visit.


Our ear care clinic located in Wigan performs safe ear wax removal in a caring environment.

Are your ears giving you discomfort? By a paying a visit to our Wigan clinic you will get quick and comfortable treatment.

Excessive ear wax affects 1 in 15 people in the UK and can from time to time be mistaken for permanent hearing impairment.

A high quantity of ear wax is a naturally occurring process to protect your ears from infection, instrusion and dirt.

Your reliable ear wax removal service in Wigan.


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We prodive a wide range of services including Ear Wax Removal, Treatment for Ear Infections, Checks for Balance Disorders, Ear Noise and more.

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