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VIP Hearing Solutions offer a quick efficient wax removal service, using Microsuction, Irrigation, or Instrumentation Techniques.  

James Carmichael has been delivering wax removal for many years now within the Pinner locality, we use one of three techniques.
 Instrumentation: using Jobson Horne single use tools.
Irrigation: using Propulse equipment and single use consumables.
Microsuction: using an ENT grade suction unit, and a high-quality microscope or Loupe for enhanced visualisation of the procedure.

As part of the service we like to show the condition of the ear before and after wax removal, using a video otoscope.

VIP Hearing Solutions in Pinner is a third-generation family run business owned by the Carmichael family, who have been in the hearing industry since 1967.
James Carmichael is the grandson of Ian Carmichael and the Son on Andrew Carmichael, he qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2007 with one of the worlds largest and most successful hearing aid companies.  From there, James followed in his Grandfather, and Father's footsteps and joined the family business, where he worked for 10 years, growing his knowledge and understanding of each individual’s needs, concluding that the Carmichael Family have been caring for the hard of hearing over the past 50 years! 
James is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) 
James is supported in the Clinic by Sarah Slade, who has been working in Pinner as a Health Care assistant for over 14 years, advising, caring and supporting patients.
VIP Hearing Solutions is conveniently located on a totally level ground floor site on the main Street (Field End Road) in Eastcote, Pinner.  The clinic has a spacious comfortable waiting area offering free tea and coffee facilities. We service support and repair all makes of Hearing Aid, often on the same day and stock all accessories and batteries and very competitive prices.

We supply all makes of the very latest Hearing Aids, using rechargeable and smart phone technology, we can then demonstrate this to you in our unique purpose made 'Hearing Room'.  

This enables us to give you the full hearing experience of everyday environments, such as listening to the television, or in a busy restaurant without you leaving our clinic.
Being totally 'Independent' allows us to find the most suitable hearing solution for your hearing loss from any one of the world’s leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers, including Phonak, GN Resound, Starkey, Widex, and Oticon.  

Additional Services are custom made ear defenders suitable and advisable for any noisy working environment, shooting or Motor cycling.  

We can make custom swim moulds to prevent ear infections or to enable you to swim with a perforation. Ask us about custom sound monitors, every musicians dream.


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We prodive a wide range of services including Ear Wax Removal, Treatment for Ear Infections, Checks for Balance Disorders, Ear Noise and more.

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