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Fast and pain-free earwax removal at reasonable prices performed in our Knowle hearing clinic

Over 20 years experience as an audiologist with national companies and has now set up her own independent audiology business to provide a better service to customers.

We are located on the high street next door to a pharmacy Windridge.

We understand that hearing loss is a very sensitive and personal issue and that is why every patient will receive individual care with utmost compassion. We will take every patient through their journey from the initial consultation to fitting of hearing aids and then life time aftercare. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding levels of customer care because I genuinely care for every patient’s well-being.

A little about our services 

The initial consultation, which will include a full audiometric hearing test, will help us understand your hearing loss and your needs. We will then be able to give you my best professional advice. As part of our continuing care we will only provide the very best solutions for our patients and will only use hearing aid manufacturers that offer the best technology available. Choosing a hearing system is only the start of your journey, what is vital is the continuing after care and support which is free of charge for life.

Micro suction 

We offer a comfortable and effective ear wax removal service using micro- suction. This is a preferred method of treatment for medical staff as the process is clearly visible throughout. It is the safest way of removing wax, unlike syringing where the ear is flushed out without the view of the canal.

Key points 

• Experienced and independent local audiologist 

• Free hearing tests

• Video otoscopy 

• Completely independent advice 

• Choice of hearing aid styles 

• Free after care for life 

• Full 60 day money back guarantee 

• Tinnitus advice 

• Hearing aid repairs service to all makes 

• Micro-suction 

• Hearing protection 

• Home visits 

• Friendly and approachable

Is your hearing suddenly impaired? By using our Knowle clinic you will get pain-free and safe treatment.

Phone us when convenient to book an appointment at our Knowle clinic

The over-production of ear wax is present in 1 in 15 people in the UK and can occasionally be misunderstood to be hearing impairment.

A high quantity of ear wax is a benign process to guard your ears from external elements.

Your reliable ear wax removal service in Knowle.


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