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Guildford Ear Wax Removal
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• Both Ears £85
• Surgical Microscope
• Adults and children service
• Practitioners are trained by a Consultant ENT Surgeon

Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital, Stirling Road, Guildford GU2 7RF, UK
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• Both Ears £85
• Surgical Microscope
• Adults and children service
• Practitioners are trained by a Consultant ENT Surgeon

Professional and safe earwax removal by skilled specialists available in Guildford

Clearing blocked ears using microsuction. If you suffer from blocked ears, muffled hearing, itching/irritation or wear hearing aids, our service could be for you.

We use the latest microsuction technology to safely and painlessly remove built-up ear wax within minutes. Far safer and more effective than syringing and all other solutions.

Our experienced professionals are trained by a Consultant ENT Surgeon, and use a surgical microscope for a full view of the ear throughout the procedure.

Simple pricing - £85 for both ears.

We specialise in Microsuction with ENT suction unit and surgical microscope.

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Excessive ear wax causes discomfort for 1 in 15 people in the UK and can some of the time be confused with permanent hearing impairment.

The build up of ear wax is an entirely natural process to guard your ears from infection, instrusion and dirt.

Your reliable ear wax removal service in Guildford.

Ear wax is part of our body's natural defence system. It helps to prevent infections of the ear and catches foreign objects which may enter the ear such as dust or debris.

Get microsuction ear wax removal in Guildford today!

Small amounts of ear wax are usually fine and maintain a healthy ear canal; A larger build-up can lead to the ear being blocked, which leads to reduced hearing.

Some common symptoms of excessive ear wax are pain, itching of the ear, ringing and hearing loss.

How Ear Wax Removal in Guildford can benefit you

To avoid long term damage to the ear, wax removal should not be attempted at home. Usually this leads to pushing the ear wax further into the ear canal, leading to more hearing loss and pain, and making it more difficult to remove. Avoid self-made ear wax removal methods at all costs !

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