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Pain-free, safe and quick ear wax removal by experienced specialists carried out in our Altrincham Hearing clinic

Our ear wax removal clinic in Altrincham practices effective ear wax removal in a state-of-the-art environment and in a great location. 


Are your ears discharging? By making a booking in our clinic you will be able to get pain-free and safe treatment via microsuction.

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Excessive ear wax troubles 5-10% people in the UK and can from time to time be assumed to be loss of hearing.


A high quantity of ear wax is a normal phenomenon as it protects your ears from infections and dirt.


Altrincham Hearing Centre  was established in June 2017 and is owned and run by Pritesh Chauhan with the aim to provide the local people of Altrincham , Sale,  Stretford,  Lymm with an independent hearing service . 

As an independent hearing service, we provide the best impartial advice, we understand that every person’s hearing journey is different, and we will tailor a solution to your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want help with wax removal, hearing instruments or just want to chat about your hearing. 

Your reliable ear wax removal service in Altrincham.


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We prodive a wide range of services including Ear Wax Removal, Treatment for Ear Infections, Checks for Balance Disorders, Ear Noise and more.

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