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About us

Easi Ear Hearing Care clinic in Shirenewton offers all day, everyday service to its customers. 
What we offer and treat:
- Earwax removal
- Hearing tests
- Hearing loss treatment
- Tinnitus problems
- Hearing aids for all ages 
- Ear related infections and complaints
What we guarantee:
- Undivided attention of our professional staff
- The right hearing aid for your needs and budget
- Tailor made hearing aid packages that will optimise your hearing
- 25 years of experience
- Friendly environment

We are based  in Shirenewton, but have various customers from the whole region, from Newport, Chepstow, Rogiet Thornbury and even, Bristol. 

Our lead Audiologist Ian Croft has been an audiologist for 25 years and is the only fellow of BSHAA in practice in the whole of Wales. 
Call us or email us to get an appointment today. 


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We prodive a wide range of services including Ear Wax Removal, Treatment for Ear Infections, Checks for Balance Disorders, Ear Noise and more.

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